Is your shop wedged in between other businesses on a busy street or in a strip mall, and nearly invisible? Is old, tired signage sending the message that your company or products are out of date? Energise your retail space and attract the right kind of attention with colourful custom window graphics, or for quick and easy promotions, choose from our pre-designed products.

The Power to Promote

Those blank shop windows are valuable unused real estate. Put them to work with high-impact, full color printed vinyl. Window graphics are a dynamic, contemporary take on retail signage that turns your storefront or delivery vehicle into a potent marketing tool.

First impressions are lasting, and they’re created with just a momentary glance. The right appearance create the kind of first impression your business needs. Window graphics catch the eyes of passers-by and give them a reason to walk through your door. And by using our innovative perforated vinyl, your message is clearly visible on the outside while allowing normal sunlight and a clear view of the outdoors to customers or drivers inside.

Advertise new products and special events with vibrant posters and fabric or vinyl window banners. They’ll communicate the information and create the excitement that gets people into your store. Our posters and banners are easy to install and just as easy to uninstall, making them the perfect choice for seasonal promotions.

If your storefront or vehicle has a window, you’ve got a built-in billboard. Use it to market your business and products with vibrant, high visibility graphics.

The Power to Brand

Increase your corporate visibility, build brand recognition, and create a uniform business identity with custom PVC window clings on doors, windows, and company vehicles. These little dynamos pack a big visual wallop at a truly competitive price.

Inside a retail space, use them to mark entrances, exits, and restrooms with your own custom designed logo. If your business has more than one location, or uses a vehicle for pickups and deliveries, take advantage of the opportunity — brand them with your logo, and establish familiarity and continuity.

Your custom clings can be attached to any smooth glass surface and can be removed easily without leaving any sticky residue. And although it takes just minutes to apply them, their brilliant colours and sturdy material will last for years if installed away from direct sunlight.

The Power to Energise

Looking to add a touch of class to your shop, restaurant, or even your home? Decorative film offers the dramatic effect of a remodel at a fraction of the cost. Add the subtle traceries of frosted glass to a shower door, or bring the warmth of stained glass into your home or business. This versatile film can create the timeless look of leaded glass, or emboss your business name onto doors and windows for a truly sophisticated effect.

Whether you’re looking to promote your products, revitalise a tired space, or build the visibility of your brand, window graphics deliver real impact at an affordable price. We are located in Atlantic Canada and sell to Canadian businesses and individuals across the country. We offer hassle-free online shopping without unexpected expenses at the border.

Contact us today, and learn how to leverage blank window space into marketing opportunities!