Perforated Window Film

Turn any window or glass door into powerful advertising with perforated vinyl graphics. This innovative signage provides vivid full colour presentation to street viewers while allowing an unobstructed line of sight to those indoors. You’ve probably seen perforated vinyl graphics displayed on storefronts and on cars and buses — their versatility and sturdy construction have made them a favourite with all types of businesses.

The ins and outs of perforated vinyl graphics

Commonly called “window perf”, “one-way vision” or “see-through window graphics”, perforated vinyl delivers its magic via the tiny, evenly spaced holes that cover it. The balance between print coverage and visibility is determined by the distance between the holes — 50/50 window perf, for example, is 50% print surface and 50% holes. Other popular variations are 60/40 and 70/30 window perf, with the first number being the amount of print surface and the second number referring to the percentage of perforations.

The vinyl is produced in layers — a white top layer for printing, then a black layer to help increase visibility indoors, followed by a layer of adhesive and a release layer. In most cases, your window perf will be applied to an exterior surface.

Advantages of one-way vision film

On shop windows and storefronts, perforated vinyl graphics deliver seamless, brilliant curb appeal while providing an open environment with clear views of the street from inside. You’ll get the benefits of natural lighting tempered by a slight tint, and warmth from the sun that’s toned down for extra summertime comfort.

Applied to automobiles, trucks, and vans, the benefits are even clearer. Your driver has all the visibility needed for safe navigation, with added glare reduction and without some of the heat that can build up in vehicles on sunny days. For extra safety, we do recommend application of a laminate to your vehicle’s window perf. This keeps rain and small bits of road debris from building up in the perforations and obscuring your driver’s vision.

For memorable, distinctive, cost-effective advertising onsite or on the go, you can’t do better than perforated vinyl window graphics. Contact us today for your custom design options, and gain a clear marketing advantage.